Wednesday, January 25, 2006

After the November 2005 RAE, I was so anxious waiting for the result.

Finally, the results were published in MCMC website and I checked for my index number.
Ahhh.... what a relief.. I passed!! so do my friend Enrique and Bujang.

I applied for the ASAA Class B with the help and recomendation from 9M2DS ( Pak Dollah) and 9M2SC (Mr. Steven Chong).

I choose 9W2DTR (NINE WHISKEY TWO DELTA TANGO ROMEO) as my official callsign.

My first QSO is with 9W2MCT (Tony) the person who provided me the info on the coming RAE. Otherwise, I would have missed it and have to take 2006 RAE.

I also had my first day QSO with 9W2SSJ (Surchad) who also gave lots of info and knowledge, 9M2SC and 9W2WIL.

Before I had my ASAA, I had a QSO lesson from 9M2DS (Pak Dollah) and managed to QSO with 9W2BGL who was on standby in Cheras (home base). I must say that the QSO lesson really helps me.

AT the momment, I only have ICOM T90A portable to QSO with others.
I am also homebrewing a 2m Sperrtopf antenna for my home base.
Will be getting a dual band mobile rig soon......

73 for now...

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