Saturday, March 18, 2006


Last night, I logged in to Echolink and decided to connect to Woris 9W6WX link in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. QSO with 9W6WX and 9W6JW(Johnny).
Woris revealed the frequency he use and I sms to 9M6TK(Timothy). I have tried to "catch" him via the Echolink for quite sometimes and finally he checked in. Thanks.

My interest in Amateur Radio was actually initiated by him-9M6TK. During my school days, I stayed with him (he was based in Labuan at that time) and I always see him carrying his portable transceiver and sometimes QSOing with others. I find it interesting and he asked me to take the test. I did not take his words because I am not sure about it.

In 1994 ( I am already residing in Kuala Lumpur), I gave JTM a call and asked about the test. The answer was not encouraging and I decided hold my horses back. Came August 2005, I searched the internet for Malaysia Amateur Radio and I found and
I gave Tony a call and we meet up in PJ State. He gave a good explaination and even provide me the study material. A big thank you to 9M6TK, 9W2MCT, 9W2SSJ, 9M2DS, 9M2CF, 9W2BGL, 9W2ICE, 9W2AXN, 9W2XL, 9W2XYZ & 9W2BBA .

73 to all!! QRX


Hussairy 9W2VVH said...

hi. congratulation and welcome to the world of ham radio. enyoy the hobby!
best 73
de 9w2vvh (x-9w6vh)

9W2DTR said...

Thank you. All the best to you too...