Saturday, March 18, 2006

New Repeater??? Yes!!

Yesterday at 1800hrs, I got back home a bit early from my "salt mine". Went to Farnell to buy some components for "salt mine" projects. Since it was already 1700hrs when I arrived at Farnell doorstep, I placed the order and decided to head back home.
As usual, Federal Highway is jammed. It was raining and everybody is driving with extra caution as their "jalopy" is made of card board.. hi-hi there. There was an announcement on RKK that the "new" repeater" was up and asking the members in the central area to check-in and give them a signal report. For further details, go to
While I am trapped in the traffic jam, few station was on RKK QSOing. 9W2DTR, 9W2WIL, 9W2XI. Reached home and quickly went up and had my rig powered up. Anxious to check the "new" repeater. To my dissapointment and others as well, there is either QRM or "break through" from "seberang longkang". But that was just for temporary. We were assured by 9W2XL that the repeater still need some fine tuning ( during QSO in the evening with 9W2SSJ, 9W2XL and 9W2XK)
He was true to his words. I can trigger the repeater at 5kHz extra yesterday but not today. The team who went up there had the repeater fine-tuned. Syabas!! and Thank you to all of you who made it possible.

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