Thursday, April 27, 2006


At 2345hrs, 26 April 2006, I successfully received and transmitted via SSTV with 9W2RW. A very big thank you to Rizal, 9W2RW for helping me to setup the MMSSTV software. Although I have only met him once and QSO a couple of times, he was kind enough to share his knowledge in this hobby. For those who knows him, one will know that he was experienced and a very kind person. I personally hope that one day I will have an opportunity to work a homebrew projects with him.

The equipment used for the SSTV Tx and RX is Kenwood TM-261A, My homebrew soundcard interface ( posted previously) and P3 desktop computer with soundcard, Diamond CPL22E mobile antenna mounted on my apartment balcony.

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9W2CBL said...

Good try there my friend,

I would like to try with you one day if possible all the way from seremban.

i have setup in my pc and awaiting someone to try out with me..hi hi there