Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Echolink abuse???? You be the judge!!!

After work I had dinner at KFC. When I reached home like I normally do, I check for my emails.
I was shocked to receive this particular email from a ham station ( classified). I did my investigation and I found out that the 9W2DTR-L is linked to another station via echolink when the DTMF command was triggered by a local station. To my surprise.. the command was obviously keyed in without knowing the command functions and this cause the unnecessary. Come on guys.... we dont need this here. This link is supposed to be our bridge to other station and I setup this link for that purpose. This link is free to be used by any station but again, please use it in a proper way. If any of the local station wish to use the DTMF command, kindly log into and read the help files. Attached is the email I receive and the DTMF command log (look at the one in the red box and you be the judge!)

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