Saturday, August 05, 2006

3rd Asia Pacific Air Internet Jamboree

The Air Internet Jamboree this year will take place between 0001 hrs (5th August 2006) to 2359 hrs (6th August 2006). Please be informed that 9W2DTR-L is linked to 9M2RKK repeater. The callsign for the JOTA is 9M2PPM.

Station from all over the world connected to echolink can link to 9W2DTR-L and call for 9M2PPM for the JOTA event. While posting this blog, JOTA is already in progress and 2 stations from echolink is connected. They are S21SHQ ( Bangladesh Scouts) and KI6DTC (Sam from California, USA). Both station manage to do QSO with our scouts stationed in BP House operating 9M2PPM callsign. Not to forget our local hams who also attended the calls from 9M2PPM operators.

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