Monday, August 28, 2006


I bought the Ipaq HP RW6828 sometimes ago. Although the screen is not as big as my previous Ipaq 6365, the overall size of the 6828 is attractive to me. Not to mention the other features packed inside. I've heard about www.malsingmaps quite a while ago and decided to browse it. I learned about GPS and finally decided to give it a try. Since I already have the RW6828, all I need it a GPS receiver with bluetooth. At firts I found the Rikaline 6033 GPS receiver on for RM499, then I found somebody has extra unit (new) and willing to sell at a much cheaper price. At RM410 including shipping. I send him sms and he replied. After asking some question, I decided to buy it and immediately did the online fund transfer to his account. As promised, he called me at about 7pm to confirm the delivery address. He sent the package using ABX courier service on the same day. I received the package 8.30am next day. Wow! that was fast.

I charged the Rikaline 6033 and installed the necessary software (by refering to Downloaded the map and gave it a try. Cool.. my new toy really works. After all, I need it since I am not that familiar with Kuala Lumpur roads. I tested it from my home to PWTC and I find it very usefull. I can even read ETA, speed etc.. Now I need bigger screen...

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