Sunday, February 25, 2007

Base Station Antenna

I supposed to post this pictures long time ago but time does not permit. Therefore, today I took some pictures using my Sonyericsson W8501 walkman phone. I have 2 antenna installed at my home balcony at 13th Floor. The highest one is the Diamond X50A Dual Band Antenna mounted using 1" x 11' GI pipe and secured to the balcony rail. A 6' L bar is mounted to the wall with 2 anchor bolt and using the trunk lid mobile antenna mount, it hold the Diamond CPL22 Dual Band Mobile Antenna. RG213 is used for the X50A and fed the ICOM208H mobile rig. The RG8 from the CPL22A goes as spare (previously used for the Echolink). I sometimes hook it to my ICOM T90A handy.

The Diamond X50A

The 1'' x 11' Mast for Diamond X50A. Note the 2 giant U bolt used to clamp the two pipes together. The RG213 is used here.

The Diamond CPL22A

The GI pipe and the L bar.

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