Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Perfect Pair

As promised, I am posting the detail of the homebrewed CW straight key. The reason why the posting for the detail is delayed because I asked for permission from the original ham OH7SV who made it. I did a search on the Internet for a simple CW key so I can use it for the weekend CW class. There are many design and some of them require machine to fabricate the components from brass, steel, alloy or even copper billet. I consider myself to be fortunate when I found OH7SV website and I remember that I still have some leftovers of bare PCB in my toolbox. Without wasting time, I dig my toolbox for the PCB and cut them into specific size (refer to 5 cent CW key article by OH7SV) . After cutting them to the required size, I prepared the etching solution and etched the bottom plate. Although the article did not have a complete measurement for the bottom plate track, you can actually draw them by referring to the drawing and comparing it's size. Once the etching is done, it's time to heat the soldering iron. After spending about 30 minutes including cutting, etching and soldering, I finally completed the 5 cent CW key. The only different is, I am using a 1 cent coin while OH7SV used 5 cent coin. I choose the 1 cent coin because you can actually solder them onto the PCB without hassle. I don't think our 5 cent or 10 cent can be soldered. I would like to say thank you to OH7SV for giving me permission to publish the picture of my 1 cent CW key that I copied from his 5 cent CW key. A complete detail can be found in his website.

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