Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Hmmmm... at 3pm today it drizzle for a while. Initially I thought it's gonna be a heavy rain so it can cool down the atmosphere. The weather was very hot before that... Ooopsss.. I realize it's is now 3.15pm and I have an appointment with 9M2CF. I have to collect a few item from him. Upon reaching his place, I was greeted by a friendly security guard and allowed me to park inside. I called 9M2CF and he came down to the lobby. We then proceeded to his QTH and he show me his shack. Well... 9M2CF is a real hobbyist and I can tell that from the item he have in his shack. He is also an avid DIY person. Especially in electronics DIY. He is the person who made the PCB for the my PIC CW keyer based on IK0WRB design. A credit shall be given to IK0WRB for his good work and the willingness to provide a full information on his website. Also, a credit to 9M2CF for his passion in DIY and designing the PCB for the project.

After chatting about about rigs, HF, experiences etc... the clock shows 5pm and it's time for me to to go home. I have to go to avoid the traffic jam in Federal Highway. I reach home at 6pm and took a good rest.

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