Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Building the MOXON

How did I build the MOXON antenna??? Easy!! get a 9mm alluminum tube, a tube bender, some 1/4" pvc tube and joints, rivets (if you have one. If not, buy or beg from your friend to lend it to you if you are known as a person who doesnt return things that you borrow), old TV antenna and some connector.

  • Download the MoxGen software from here.
  • Use the software to calculate the dimensions for the operating frequency.
  • Get you measuring device. Measure, cut and bend the alluminum tubing according to the generated dimensions.
  • Measure, cut and assemble the PVC tubing into a square frame as a holder for the alluminum tubing that has already been cut and bent.
  • From the old TV antenna, salvage the element clips or holder or whatever you call it.
  • Use it mount the element onto the PVC frame.
  • Analyze and copy the method used to connect the dipole in the TV antenna assembly. Use the same method to assemble the driven element for your MOXON.
  • Think of your own method of how to mount the connector onto the driven element. You can also connect a coax directly to the dipole. I don't know... you decide the best.
  • Make sure the spacing between the driven element and the reflector is accurate as per the dimension generated.
  • Put up the antenna onto the mast and fire it up! NO!!!!!! not with fire! with your transmitter!
  • Measure the SWR. If the SWR is high, adjust the spacing between the driven element and the reflector. Remember! the distance between the two longest parallel element is not to be changed! Trim the end of of the element to adjust the SWR.
  • Check the Moxon Antenna page for further info.
Below is the picture taken from my MOXON Antenna.

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