Sunday, October 21, 2007

My CNC Progress

I have always liked mechanical engineering. However, due to family financial status, I have never had a chance to enroll to any Engineering School at all. I have only managed to complete my Vocational School and only in Basic Electronics. Most of my knowledge is from reading and experimenting... I also learned how to use Solidworks, Protel, and ACAD on my own.... and having a machine that helps me cut or shape an aluminum plates to a shape that I want is definitely something that I've always dreamed. Trust me, buying this kind of machine is not cheap too. So, DIY is the way to have it cheaper. Now, after spending lot's of time reading and designing the machine on a computer, this is what I managed to do with the help from a friend who runs his own engineering shop. Of course I have to pay him for his labor and buy all the materials by myself. He helped me to machine the parts for my CNC machine.

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Jurukaka said...

Woit!!... hehehe tu kan lantai umah kau... hahaha.. rumah sudah jadi production line ke? :)