Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Simple Spindle Mount & Coupling

  1. I was frustrated when Farnell delivered me the Oldham coupling that I ordered online. I received only half of the coupling assembly, the hub. Bloody @%*t.... their item description is very misleading. Instead of describing the hub itself, they printed the whole assembly description that led me to believe it was a complete assembly. I have no choice but to order the other half of the hub and also the torque disc. So, after the disappointment, I decided to follow Basir's advise, to use a rubber hose as a temporary coupling. And tadaaa..... it works...
  2. Since I am gonna use a temporary coupling, why not make the spindle mount so I can mount the China Dremel?? Yupp.. I did it....
  3. I added a 4 way connector for the motor and wired it to the controller. I did 1,2,3 in just 2 hrs... what a rush.. but everything is OKAY!

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