Saturday, December 01, 2007

Thank God it's Friday!

Well, I can't really wait to complete the CNC router but I have no choice as there is still a lot of things need to be done. I still need to make the spindle bracket, the table top, buying a spindle and wiring. Today, I completed the driver and tested all the 3 motors are running smooth (no load). For the past 3 days, I am terrified as I blew 1 of the L298 driver chip. The diodes that I used is not suitable. I also discovered that diodes does not only short circuit or open circuit, it can also become "leaky" in both direction and may not be detected if measured using the diode test on your multi-meter. This can only be detected if measured using ohm meter. After replacing the burnt chip and changing the diode to a higher voltage, everything works well.

I also installed the ball screw and the cable tray for the moving axis.

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