Thursday, January 24, 2008

The waiting game........

Hmmm..... The amplifier and the speaker has not arrived yet. The waiting is really killing me....
Not only the amplifier and the speaker, I am also waiting for the replacement ball bearing for my CNC machine. The X-axis ball screw is suffering a bit of backlash towards the end of it's travel and also causing a bit of noise since the ball nut is not pre-loaded at all.

I prefer a bit of pre-load as this does not only eliminate the backlash, it also eliminate the unnecessary noise. Of course it has to be well lubricated.

I also added a 12mm alloy stiffening plate for the Y axis. The plate did improve the Y-axis structure and also the whole gantry structure. It is bolted onto the profile using M6 hex cap screw.

Now, I can't make the T-slot table yet. I still have to wait for the replacement ball to arrive. After the X-axis ball screw is reconditioned, I will try to fabricate a T-slot milling table for the machine to make future cutting easier. This will also allow me to use the standard work holding clamp that is commonly sold.

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