Thursday, February 21, 2008

PCI Parallel Port for Mach3

After the frustration configuring the SUNIX PCI-Parallel port card, I decided to purchase another one. The new PCI to Parallel card is using Moschip 9805. This card worked and configuring is easy.

Now, the onboard parallel port will be connected to the control pendant (still under construction) ands the PCI parallel port is connected to the stepper motor controller.
Having 2 parallel port in my pc enable me to have 13 inputs which is just nice for the controll pendant.


Gustavo said...


Can you please help me? I have this same PCI port and im not able to make it work with mach3...



9w2dtr said...

Which PCI-Parallel port card you have? Does it uses the Moschip 9805?