Monday, March 17, 2008

PIC - the resurrection of interest!

Some people are restless when they have nothing to do... they can't sit still even for 5 minutes without thinking something. Their minds is like a clock that always ticking. It will only stops... when .......... (you fill the blanks yourself).

In my case, and some of my buddies... it seems that we need to do something in our idle time... that's mean, we DON'T HAVE IDLE TIME... it's somehow missing but does pop out sometimes when we need some drug prescriptions.... but still... we end up thinking of something....geez... that's kinda scary huh...

Today, I placed an order for PIC development board from Futurlec. I order 4 pcs but it's not all for me. It's for me and my buddies. We wanted to learn how to program PIC.

I hope the package will arrive soon.... yeahaaaaaaaa....

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