Thursday, May 15, 2008

Got bitten

All this while, I've been lugging my HP 12" notebook to office and site. 9W2BSR recently bought the ASUS Eee PC from Digitall Mall, Petaling Jaya.

After some reading over the internet like what 9W2BSR did, the bug finally bit me...
With slight hesitation which was easily suppressed by 9W22BSR for his light whispering through the air plus a creature with a horn on the forehead sitting right in front of me smiling and blowing a soft words "go and get it" into my ears.....

When I got the unit, I was impressed with the size...but well.. what to expect for such price... after all, it's 4Gb SSD. It came loaded with Linux OS. Not even 1hr, the penguin is chased away and replaced with Windows XP Sp2.

The very next day, bought 2 8Gb Sandisk Cruzer thumbdrive and hacked it open. I wired it to the 2 spare USB point internally. The warranty is now officially voided.

Just like the rest of Eee PC owners, modding this little wonder is definately something interesting. I may jump into installing the touch screen, bluetooth and GPS later.... or maybe even bigger SSD.

For now, having 8Gb + 8Gb + 4Gb = 20Gb.. enough for now...

Let's see what 9W2AFY will do... :)

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