Monday, July 07, 2008

Rock Crawler

It has been very quiet lately... but I managed to squeeze a bit of time from my busy work schedule... too many hobby but too little time...

I have been building a Rock Crawler in the weekend and sometimes late at night whenever I feel restless....

All this while I like 4x4 vehicle. My favorite is always a Toyota BJ40. However, I can't afford to own any 4x4 vehicles... and with the current fuel price.. it's a big no no..

But I still can enjoy the fun of maneuvering a 4x4 vehicle over rock terrain or muddy terrain
with my 2.2 scale RC Rock Crawler..

Based on Axial Scorpion AX10 from Axial Racing, I build a tube chassis resembling a Poison Spyder Bruiser chassis. A 1:1 version is custom built by Spyder Customs.

My tube chassis is built from a 6mm steel tubing and brazed together with a 35% silver brazing rods. Bending and cutting is the toughest job plus getting the measurement right.

A 1:1 scale Poison Spyder Bruiser 2

Initial Modelling using Solidworks and how it all begins...

Finally... a test run video taken by a friend...

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