Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Magnetic Loop Antenna... anyone??

Well.. google it if you want to know more about it.... but for those who have experienced it...
the answer is loved it or hate it..

Myself?... yet to be known.. I have a few attempts in building this antenna quiet sometime ago but failed due to the unavailability of a suitable variable capacitors locally... although plenty is available in ebay, diy is still the most attractive solution.

Before I start building, I will need to make and gather a few item..

1. Variable capacitor ( Butterfly type)
2. Low speed DC motor remote controller (thinking of tuning capacitor via coax)
3. 6-10mm copper tubing
4. Aluminum bicycle rim, preferably from 28" road bike
5. Some non conductive mounting and fixtures
6. whatever I feel needed... :)

The very important part that I must first have is the variable capacitor and must be able to go down to the lowest capacitance.. I am thinking of trying to get from 5pf to 200pf with a plate spacing of 1mm.

Therefore, the first stage is to draw and machine the capacitor plates. Stay tuned!!!

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