Sunday, May 23, 2010

My CNC is finally up again!!

My CNC is now up and running after 2 years being disassembled. Now, it has a new heart.. driven by G540 from Geckodrive, USA. The G540 is housed in the previous driver casing but with a new power supply.

It is powered with 48VDC 500VA (10A). I bought the toroidal transformer from Jalan Pasar. For now, the CNC is sitting on its new table, which is custom made by a small workshop. However, I am not satisfied with the metal structures as it is too thin and too light. I need a very heavy and solid structure in order to withstand the vibration generated by the CNC when the axis is moved in a very high speed. Therefore, I need to slow down the axis movement speed temporarily until the new table is made..

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Mr S said...

can ur contact me at
,just started to build this machine seriously. need a lot of advise from the person whos experience build this cnc machine.