Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Magnetic Loop Antenna

Last Sunday, I finally decided to use my free time to make something that I've always wanted to make... this time, without the the need of using the CNC machine...

The variable capacitors that I have in my previous tuner is taken out and the bicycle rim that I bought a few months ago is finally cut and drilled for M3 screws in order to attach the cable lugs.

The white PVC plumbing pipe that I bought about the same time with the bicycle rim is also put to use..

It took me about 1 hour and finally, I completed the 24" Magnetic Loop Antenna made from bicycle rim... I took it outside my backyard and tuned to 10m to get the highest pink noise level. Then, the moment of truth part 1... I set to 28.480Mhz and used a CW key to test.. meaning that, I set the transceiver to SSB and press the CW key to transmit a short tone... SWR reading is HIGH.. then, with a slight fine tuning by turning the capacitor, the SWR is now at a good level ( my transceiver does not have the numerical reading except by just displaying a bar, and its only at 1 or 2 bar) So, I guess it works...

Then I tried to tune to 40m... I can get a good pink noise level but I have no way to test the SWR as I my license does not permit me to do that... but I managed to listen to a radio broadcast on 9Mhz region at 5-9..

So, I will keep trying to catch some QSO on 28.480Mhz and will try to make a contact to get a signal report. That way I will know if my antenna works or not...

Here are the picture of the Magnetic Loop Antenna that I made:-

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