Wednesday, October 02, 2013

10m from West Malaysia to the other part of the world.. how wonderful..

From my previous blog, I was writting about my homebrew monoband 3 element short boom yagi for 10m designed by W4RNL

Today's entry is about how exciting it is when I got my first contact when I called CQ DX at 28.465Mhz. Initially, I was calling CQ at 28.495Mhz but there was no answer. After sometimes trying, 9M2TPT asked me to try at the lower freq. TNX TPT!!

All this was on 20th Sept 2013, 1423hrs (UTC) when SV2FLM, OM LAZAROS SARRIS from Greece answered my CQ call. It was a very exciting moment since this is my first DX contact and I am using my homebrew antenna. The signal report was 57/58!! It paid off the effort to gather, measure, cut, drill, assemble and install all by myself. A big thank you to SV2FLM and this was a proof to myself that I did not made a deaf or dummy load antenna!!

The antenna was installed above my QTH rooftop and was sitting approximately 40 feet from ground. The antenna mast is made from 33 mm G.I pipe. The antenna is directed at approximately 320 degree and fixed. I don't have antenna rotator for now.

I used Diamond RG8-A/U Super Gainer series cable which I ran from the rooftop down to my shack through a PVC conduitwhich went through below the roof-tiles. The installation was actually at the void where my house water tank is located.

During the coax installation, I actually broke a water pipe and almost flooded the 2 rooms. Fortunately, there was no damage except a water mark on the ceiling plus a hectic day of containing the water, cleaning, drying and not to forget the heat and crawling inside a small space above the ceiling! It's worth it!!

Maybe, the next project would be the rotator itself. Still considering!

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