Monday, November 04, 2013

Building your own Antenna Rotator..DIY Antenna Rotator Part 1

Buying antenna rotator may not be an issue for some amateurs.. provided the availability of getting it from your local ham shop besides having the surplus funds to get one...

There are many ways of building a rotator and it all depends on individual needs and preferences.. Heavy duty, mast mounted, tower mounted, floor mounted, azimuth only or azimuth and elevation capability.
Selecting materials and also choosing what is easily available around you also play an important role in building your rotator..

Mechanical parts is the most crucial parts in rotator. Be it small or large rotator, the mechanical capability is very important and not something that you can ignore. Specially if you are building a mast mounted rotator like YAESU G250/G450. Besides the mechanical capability, the total weight of the rotator assembly also VERY IMPORTANT. Mounting a heavy rotator assembly on your mast is something serious and will pose danger!!

There rotator must also be able to take a heavy load depending on your antenna and also the braking/holding power. To eliminate the issue of worrying about the braking power/holding torque.. I choose gear + worm type of assembly. In gear + worm method, output cannot transmit to the input. In gear + gear method, besides  the needs of much larger assembly and more parts count, the output is capable of transmitting to the input...

to be continued....

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