Thursday, February 25, 2016

mcHF QRP Transceiver


  • Standalone and compact embedded transceiver
  • CW, SSB, AM and FM – transmit and receive
  • 300/500 Hz CW and 1.8/2.3 kHz SSB filters with adjustable passband centering
  • 3.6 kHz “wide” filter plus 5, 6, 7.5 or 10 kHz “extra wide” filters for SSB/AM reception
  • SSB/AM Transmit Speech processor
  • DSP noise reduction
  • DSP automatic notch filter
  • Spectrum scope
  • Waterfall Display
  • Highly configurable with a wide variety of menu items

Available from itself.

You have the choice of buying a blank pcb or a partially completed pcb with all the necessary components to complete it. But without enclosure, buttons, knob, speaker and final FETs.

I decided to get the partially assembled pcb kits and it has arrived to my door step last week. I have started to assemble and solder all the components (SMDs) for the UI board and have loaded the bootloader and firmware. So far, the UI board seems to work. I will have to complete the RF board before can fully test it.

The RF board had the most components to be soldered (SMDs). For this, I have a reason to get a new soldering station after been using my 15 years old soldering iron. The RF board will take sometimes to complete and I am also waiting for the final FETs to arrive.

Just to share, this project is not for the faint hearted and ability to solder SMD is a requirements. They are so many notes and modifications available, right from hardware to firmware. Reading is highly recommended and its good to start with one of the groups which is in English at

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