Saturday, August 27, 2016

Listening to QSO with mcHF + EFHW antenna

Listening to QSO using my mcHF that I build from the kit form. I am very pleased with the RX quality using my DIY EFHW antenna erected using 2 fishing pole at the backyard. The transceiver had most or more of the mod that is implemented in version 0.5

Power out is set to 10W max for full power on all band. Driver transistor is replace with BFQ18A and the PA output transformer is from KA7OEI / SV4AM. USB port is modded by adding the 5V lines for USB stick firmware upgrade. Bootloader is now 2.0.0 with ver 1.2.0 firmware.
Touch screen mod is done. Next will replace the STM32 to STM32F429VIT6 or STM32F439VIT6 for more memory space for future firmware upgrade that is currently in the works by Andreas (DF8OE) and the team.

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